Table of Contents

   Index of Names

   To The Reader
   Situation and Extent
   Indian Inhabitants
   Remains of the Agawames
   Place First Occupied as a Town
   First Settlers
   Grants of Land
   Grants Made by the General Court
   Common Lands
   Freemen's Oath
   Resident's Oath
   Manner of Writing
   Royal Style
   Middle Names
   Reputation of Our Ancient Inhabitants
   Face of the Country
   Vegetable Productions
   Wild Quadrupeds
   Domesticated Quadrupeds
   Prices of Grain, etc.
   Agricultural Implements
   Public Ways
   Canals and Cuts
   Municipal Concerns
   Fire Department
   Town Seal
   Goods Found
   Province Loans
   Division of Essex County
   Town House
   Probate Office Building
   Unity Lodge
   Temperance Society
   Precautions as to Strangers
   Ornamental Trees
   Neutral French
   Settlements and Towns Set Off
   Emigrants from Ipswich
   Dismissions from Chebacco Church
   Dismissions from the Hamlet Church
   Emigrants to Ipswich
   Harvard College
   Interest Money
   Land Bank
   Prison -- House of Correction
   Immoralities and Crimes
   Letters of Ipswich Court
   Trials and Executions for Murder
   Other Modes of Punishment
   Political Affairs
   Pay of Representatives and Magistrates
   Votes for Magistrates, etc.
   Military Concerns
   British Prisoners
   Love Affairs
   Births and Baptisms
   Obituary and Biographical Notices
   Burying Places
   Sexton's Fees
   Exhumation of the Dead
   Remarkable Events
   Ecclesiastical and Parochial Concerns
   First Church
     Ministers: -
       Thomas Parker
       Nathaniel Ward
       Thomas Bracey
       Nathaniel Rogers
       John Norton
       Thomas Cobbet
       William Hubbard
       John Rogers
       John Dennison
       John Rogers
       Jabez Fitch
       Nathaniel Rogers
       Timothy Symmes
       Levi Frisbie
       David Tenney Kimball
     Fasts for Ministers
     Ordination Expenses
     Salary and Settlement
     Seating and other regulations of Meeting-Houses
     Church Concerns
     Quarterly Fast
   The Minister of New Meadows
     William Knight
   South Parish
   South Church
     Ministers: -
       John Walley
       Joseph Dana, D.D.
       Daniel Fitz
     Salaries and Settlements
   Line Brook Parish
   Line Brook Church
     Ministers: -
       George Lesslie
       Gilbert Tennant Williams
       David Tullar
       Moses Welsh
     Salary and Settlement
   Baptist Society
   Methodist Society
   Unitarian Society
   Restrictions and Fines on Account of Religion
   Chebacco Parish
     Ministers: -
       Jeremiah Shepard
       John Wise
       Theophilus Pickering
       Nehemiah Porter
   Fourth Church
   Sixth Parish
     Minister: -
       John Cleaveland
     Quarterly Fast
     Union of the Second and Fourth Churches
   Chebacco Parish - Second Church
     Ministers: -
       Josiah Webster
       Thomas Holt
       Robert Crowell
     Salary; - Settlement
   Christian Society
   Universalist Society

   Boundaries - Extent
   Soil - Productions
   Road - Bridge
   Wharves - Tonnage
   Fishery - Bait
   Town Expenses
   Engine, &c.
   Military - Pensioners
   Temperance Societies
   Graduates since the Incorporation of Essex
   Sabbath Schools
   Company Libraries
   Publishments, Marriages, and Deaths
     Person who died aged 90 Years and over
   Obituary Notices
   Essex Church

   Hamlet Parish, called the Third
   Character of The Hamlet
   Clock and Bell
   Salaries and Settlements
   Third Church
     Minister: -
       Samuel Wigglesworth
   Incorporation of The Hamlet as a Town
   Situation - Extent
   Buildings - Roads - Bridge
   Building Vessels
   Graduates since the Incorporation
   Sabbath School
   Town Expenses - Paupers
   Marriages - Births
   Deaths - Longevity
     Deaths of persons aged 90 Years and over
   Burying Ground - Hearse
   Obituary Notices
     Deacon Nathaniel Whipple
     Barnabas Dodge
     John Safford
     Col. Robert Dodge
     Jonathan Lamson
     Deacon Benjamin Appleton
     Dr. Enoch Faulkner
     Francis Quarles
     Capt. John Whipple
   Extraordinary Bleeders
   Universalist Society
   Hamilton Church
     Manasseh Cutler

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