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Just a quick introduction.
I am a NASCAR Winston Cup fan. My favorite driver is Mark Martin followed by Rusty Wallace. Dale Earnhardt is a good driver, but is probably a little too aggressive. I don't like the kid, Jeff Gordon.
I spent my formative years in Texas and I still have a few oddities in my speech that the discerning can hear.
I now live in Spokane, Washington, the heart of the Inland Empire and the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul. This is really beautiful country.
My interests are genealogy, reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy and non-fiction Historical books, watching movies, building plank-on-frame ship models and jig-saw puzzles. 3-Ds are really fun.
My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey and my favorite book is her "Dragonriders of Pern" trilogy. She has written several other books about Pern and I have them all.
I also like Piers Anthony. His "Double Exposure" trilogy consisting of, "Split Infinity", "Blue Adept" and "Justaposition", an interesting mixture of Sci-Fi and Sci-Fantasy, is my favorite of his books.

I am very much involved in my family genealogy. My paternal great-grandfather hailed from Ohio, but I haven't been able to get any farther back on that line.
My father's mother's side is much better researched. It started when Thomas Hardy came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with Gov. Winthrop in 1630. He accompanied John Winthrop Jr. to Agawam. They purchased that land from the Indians. It became the town of Ipswich, MA. Sometime after the children were born, the family moved to Bradford, MA. Bradford was annexed by Haverhill about 1860 and no longer exists as a separate town.
It is estimated that there are some 25,000 descendants of Thomas Hardy in the U.S. now. That's a lot of cousins.
Many of the Hardys lived in Bradford's East Parish. In June of 1727 the people in this area started the Groveland Congregational Church. Of the first 101 members, 33 were named Hardy. All of them being descendants of Thomas, most of them being grandchildren. There is an effort being made to transcribe the church membership lists. This has led to another project for me. I have been entering these people into a genealogy program that will put the info into HTML format suitable for the web. This is a slow process due to the necessity to verify the entries. I have found numerous errors. As the vast majority of these families married one another over the years, almost everyone today with roots in early Essex county will be related. I hope you enjoy perusing the membership. Please note that the many "Unknowns" will have names as I continue the process.
I will create a separate genealogy page at some time in the future. As of Nov. '99, I hope to get them done before the century runs out at the end of 2000. :-)

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