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At a legal Town Meeting of ______
Mister Walker was chosen to be the clerk of the _________
town clerk for the year insowing next.

At the same Town meeting John Simmons was chosen
for the year next insowing.

At the same town meeting Mister Walker was chosen 
for one of the Selectman for that town for the year next insewing

At the Sam meeting Robert Hasiltine was chosen
another of the Solect men for the year ensowing

Also Sarjent Gage was chosen for another selectman at the
same time for the year insowing

At the Same time Joseph palmer was chosen for another
of the select man for the year insewing

At the sam time Willyam Huchings was chosen for 
one of the select man for the yor next insewing

At the Same town meeting Nicolus Wallington and
John Hardie wear chosen for to Survay tho 49
and his way ___________ the year next ensowing for
Lower end below Jonsons

At the same time benjamin kimble and Josiah Gage (???)
wear chosen for survayers of hieways and fences and 
chimnays for tho upor end for the year ensewing

At a Legal town meeting held tho year [16]70 january (?)
it was voated and granted by the Inhabitants
of this town that any shal have liberty to labor (??)
ber on the coman land for tho meeting hous that
be useful for it

X    At the Same town meeting Mister Walker Jr T___?
was And Robert Haseltine wear chosen to Go___ (torn)
to txoat ?? with tho propriotors about cont___ (torn) 
tho charges of tho meeting hous

At a Legall Towne Meeting February ye ___
It is ordered and Agreed that John P____ (torn)
John ?? Haseltine  Shubuell Walker - ___ (torn)
yt ? fensd ? y is so the Johnson ??? mr ____ __  ???
Grisatian according to Mr Symml Rand ??
his preparation by ye sosent of aprill up_ing
signshings for Jr Josnot ????

David Haseltine and John Tenney ??
to look after Mr Simmons sections