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The Choate Bridge      Number 10. The Choate Bridge. The Choate Bridge, built in 1764, represented a great change in bridge construction. While wooden bridges required frequent repair and replacement, many believed that the stone structure would collapse. Colonel John Choate was responsible for the planning and construction. There is a local legend that he had a horse ready in case that catastrophe actually happened. The townspeople were pleased with the project, and they chose to honor him by giving the bridge his name.
     At first, the bridge had only a single lane. It was widened in 1838 and underwent restoration in 1989.

The Choate Bridge
Upper photo - contributor not remembered.
Lower photo - "The Celebration of the Two Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Ipswich Massachusetts, August 16, 1884" Published by Little, Brown and Company of Boston in 1884.

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