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History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton.


Joseph B. Felt


This is the online version of Joseph B. Felt's History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton published in 1834. The time frame covered is from 1633 to about 1832. The contents are a condensed version of the everyday happenings that occurred in these three early colonial towns of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Much of it is mundane. There is also a lot of interest. Many, many people are mentioned. Some, only in passing, and others with biographies.

I present this, not only for those people who descended from the early settlers of Ipswich, but for all of us who want a better understanding of our ancestor's lives in the earliest days of our country no matter what town was their home..

Rev. Felt published this book 200 years after the first settlers arrived in Ipswich and almost as many before our time. This gives us a little different perspective than we find in more modern books. At times, he puts in his own thoughts. These give us a little more perspective from his point of view.
Rev. Felt was probably one of the finest historians alive in the early 19th century. His work is preserved today in the Massachusetts Archives Collection. When you visit this site, be sure to allow yourself lots of time.

For more information and pictures of Ipswich, please visit Bruce Lord's site.

I want to thank all of you who have sent me thanks and given me encouragement during the progress of this endeavor. I welcome all suggestions and criticisms. Please feel free to e-mail me and/or sign my guestbook to leave me your comments.
This transcription is dedicated to our son, Brennan Francis Slaughter. By the time he was in the 2nd grade he was reading at high school level. He loved to read. After I had transcribed several pages, he would read from the book as I scanned my work thus helping me to proofread my work.

John Slaughter

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