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In the book, the author used an abbreviation for each of the sources he used. When he used material from one of them, he would place some symbol (*, , , , etc.) in front of the text and also at the bottom of the page with the abbreviation.
I am going to make a small change here. Instead of an abbreviation, I will number each of the sources. When a source is referenced, I will place that number in front of the text. Clicking the number will open a browser window with this page. Simply close the window to return to your reading.
If you encounter problems or anything, please be sure to write me.
Thank you.
Sources used in this work
1 Records 19 Colony Papers
2 Registry Records 20 Province Records
3 Probate Records 21 Province Papers
(These are of Massachusetts.)
4 Quarterly Court Records
(These three sorts of records are of Essex County.)
22 Governor John Winthorp's History of New-England.
5 Town of Ipswich Records, not full and regular till 1661. 23 Plain Dealing, by Thomas Lechford
6 First Church Records, lost till 1702 24 New-England's Prospect, by William Wood
7 First Parish Records, lost till 1702 25 Historical Collections, by Ebenezer Hazard
8 South Church Records, mostly deficient 26 New-English Canaan, by Thomas Morton
9 South Parish Records 27 On the Language of New-England Natives, by Robert Williams
10 Second Church Records 28 Journal, by John Dunton
11 Second Parish Records 29 Purchas's Pilgrims
12 Fourth Church Records 30 Voyages to New-England, by John Josselyn
13 Fourth Parish Records
(These four last pertain to Chebacco Parish, and part of them are mostly wanting.)
31 History of Virginia, by John Smith
14 Third Church Records 32 The Wonder-Working Providence, by Edward Johnson
15 Third Parish Records
(These two belong to The Hamlet Parish.)
33 New England's Plantation, by the Rev. John Higginson
16 Line Brook Church Records 34 History of New-England; Indian Wars; by the Rev. William Hubbard
17 Line Brook Parish Records
(These belong to the Parish, comprising a division of Ipswich and Rowley.)
35 History of Indians, by Daniel Gookin
18 Colony Records 36 New-England's Memorial, by Nathaniel Moreton
37 Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections
Some transactions of the General Court are put after dates, which, from the manner wherein they are originally placed, may not be altogether correct.

The following references are from the footnotes in the text that were not originally included in the book's list of sources. I am adding them here, in the same format as above, for your ease, and continuity in the presentation of this book on the web.
Additional sources used in this work.
38 Mourt's Relation 61 Salem Church Records
39 William Dixie's deposition 62 Robert Pike's Diary
40 Annals of Salem 63 Mather's Magnalia
41 Town Records of Topsfield 64 Penhallow
42 Governor Bradford 65 Christian History
43 Commoner's Records 66 Boston Gazette
44 Annals of Portsmouth 67 Dr. E.A. Holyoke's Diary
45 Essex Journal 68 New England Journal
46 Graham 69 General Sessions Court Records
47 New England Chronicle 70 Calef
48 Archdale's Carolina 71 Superior Court Records
49 Whitney's Worcester Co. 72 Rev. Thomas Cobbet's Narrative
50 Hutchinson's Collection 73 New Heaven Upon the New Earth
51 Mr. John Farmer 74 Neal's History of the Puritans
52 Grammar School Records 75 Bibliotheca Americana
53 Jeffrey's Neck Records 76 Farmer's Memorials
54 Douglass 77 Dorchester Records
55 Custom-House Records
56 Oyer and Terminer Court Records
57 Narrative of the Miseries of New England
58 The Revolution in New England Justified
59 Pynchon Papers
60 P. Vincent's Relation

When names of persons are mentioned, they are of Ipswich, unless otherwise expressed or implied. Many interesting facts, having only a general bearing on this Town, have been chiefly omitted. Modern concerns, necessarily adduced, to accord with our plan, are, though of little attraction to us, as likely to interest our successors, as ancient ones are to interest us. The mistakes which occur on a part of the following pages, are not owing to the want of endeavour to avoid them.
To the numerous individuals, who have punctually and kindly assisted in supplying materials for this work, the writer of it returns his unfeigned thanks.

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