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  At a legall town meghting held at meramake 1669 march 9
  David Haseltine was chos constable for yeare next ensewing
  At the same town meyhting John Gage Robert haseltine Rober Savory John
  Griffing and John ___ was chosen Select men in the town for y year insewing
  ___ it was voated and granted that mister Simms should have 40 ___
  of land layd out for him of of the coman land that lays at ___ hill

  At the same mayhting John Simmons and beniamin Gage were chos[en]
  for Surveyors of fences and and high ways for the year insewing
  At the same time it was voated and granted that if any fall timber
  upon the coman land with out leave from the Select men shall pay 10 shillings
  a tree five to the town five to the informer.

  At a legall town meeting held at meramake 1670 Aprill the 18
  it was voated and granted that in case that the ___ or the country
  shall see good to give ___ to land any of the country ___ for the
  present year that the Select men shal have full powr for ordering and
  disposing of the same as they shal see good for the use of the town.

  Also at the same town mayhting Sargeint Gage Robert Haseltine
  beniamin kimble Thomas kimble John Simmans & Nicholas Walinton
  & John Griffing wear chosen for the ordering siting up and fin
  ishing of a meyhting hous acording to ther best descreshion for
  the good of the town.

  Also John Simmons was chosen for to joyn with John Grifing
  for the laying out of Mister Sims medow and for the geting of
  [de]eds for the land and medow.

  ?zouez it was voated and granted that two men shal be
  chosen from year to year for the time to com for the order
  ing of mister Simmses afairs for his comfortable carying on
  and that the 2 men shal have powr to Reqire any man ac
  cording to his proportion for to help to cary on his work that was
  so ___ at two ___ warnings.

  Also it was voated and granted that the commity that
  was chosen for the meeting hous shal have power for the
  ___ting and confirming of the agreement that was betwixt
  mister Sims and the town.

  [Also] it was voated and granted that the way betwixt ben kimbles
  [hous] and barn may be laid out at the bak Side of his hous 
  provieded he maks a bridge as pasable as the other was in the
  other way and it shal be laid out acording to the discresion of
  John Simmans and John Griffing