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  At a legall towne meetting desembar ye 21
  it was voated that Robert haseltine and ___ samuell
  __rs_star should gathar & reso___ the ministers ___
  the present year and that they should take leave [to]
  get his worke done & such things as he shall stand
  in need of for this year.

2 That the charges of bringing mr sims goods to mer
  rimak should be payd by the towne

     orchard ___ by the select men of merrimak for ye ___
  wee doe ordar that all fenses that are made against con
  f__les both ___ & __artion_llar within the bounds of merrimak
  shall be eithar a suficient fine ___ from wall plased ___
  ye lo_st than foot & ten ___ high ___d all othar for
  of ___ eithar hedge pale or ditch shall be _quia_th__t
  to such a five raille fens soe f__ged by ye ___
  that are apointed to ___ fenses for this year that ___
  shall be made up by the first of aprill and soe to be kept
  ___ until the last of octobar & if any fens be found
  fe_hi__ within the said time the a_ogo_rs shall give not
  is to the ownars of the said cof___ fens who shall ___
  with reports the same & the oversears shall ___
  said fens againe ___ a _ayr aftar the ownars of [said]
  fens have had legall notis of the defect & if they
  find it defective ye second time they shall give ___
  the ownars & to one or more of the select men ___
  shall forthwith by warrant impowar the constable to lev[ie]
  twelve pens per rod ___ the good of ___ that are de
  linquent for every defective rod of fens and the(?) ___
  ___ it 6 days aftar & if it be found ___ __
  the ownar shall pay 2 shillings per rod and see to (?)
  twelve pens ___ for often as it is found defective ___
  oversears giving notis to the ownar every time they [are]
  defective & also to the select men who shall apoint [the]
  constable to levie the said fines & that everyone shall ___
  all the fenses within ye bounds the towne by 
  june next & if they shall neglect to thayr daly
  ___ to this ordar they shall pay 2 shillings five
  pens for every defect they are convicted of by legall ___

  At a legall town meetting of the inhabitants of meremak
  march ? it was voated and granted that mister Simms should
  have forty acres of land layd out to him of of that ___
  land. That __ath ___ hill
  ___ Sargaint gage and John Simmond David ___
  was chosen to lay the forty acres of land for ___
  of the common land

From the Town Records of Ipswich Joseph Felt writes in "History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton:"

1635. Paling, or narrow boards or poles, sharpened on the top, were often used to enclose groun.
1653. As the General Court has ordered the selectmen of every town to regulate their fences, it is ordered that all persons, concerned and living in Ipswich, shall, before April 20th, have their fences in a good state, (except farms of one hundred acres,) made of pales well nailed or pinned, or of five rails well fitted, or of stone wall three and a half feet high at least, or with a ditch three or four feet wide, with a substantial bank, having two rails or a hedge, or some equivalent, on penalty of 5s. a rod and 2s. a week for each rod while neglected.