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  At a legall meeting of the inhabitants of Rowly village
  by merrimak : In answar to the request of Robart haseltine
  according to the direction of the arbitrator it was voted
  and granted that the said Robert haseltine & his assigns shall
  have all the towne right in that parsell of land betwixt
  his land and merrimak rivar and that John haseltine
  shall have all the tows right in that parsoll of land
  betwixt ye ___ Johns land and that ___ from his ___
  to his pasture provided that ye ___ robart and john
  doe ___ and thayr difarins ___ thayr --iding land.

  The same 26 day it was voated and granted that
  John Griffing shall have liberty to ___ from his
  orchard to low wattar marke.

  The same 26 day of April it was voated and
  granted that mr. sims should have 50 pounds for ye
  next year if he _ontinue it as to __ ___ aftar ye
  same manar as was agreed with him for the payment
  of the 40 pounds : that is to pay ye one halfe in
  wheat _or_ butar & ___ the othar halfe in corn
  & _offar(?)
                           attast Joseph Pike __

  Joseph pike and John Griffing wear appointed
  by the select men of merrimake to joyne to
  Lift bro__bank and Ezekiel ___ per ___
  ___ the high way betwixt Rowly and merrimak.