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  At a legall town meeting --- the --- ---
1 it was voated and granted that when a town ---
  is --- and the town --- --- that none shall
  depart the meeting without liberty granted by the moderator
  --- on the penalty of 12 pens per ---
2 that noe town --- shall be of value that is --- after
  sun set
3 that Robert Haseltine shall have thirty shillings allowed
  him for to --- Mr. Sims in fiar wood this present
4 that those that doe not come to work att the high
  ways when they are warned by the oversears shall pay
  3 shillings four pens for 1 days defens in --- --- att
  time(?) and --- --- and for proportionable after the rate of
  3 shillings 4 pens a day for so much as --- ---
  short of a days worke by --- -late or by not
  continuing to worke the whole day.
                                   Joseph Pike ---

  At a legall meetting of the select men Joseph
  Pike was apointed to --- make to such as have done
  worke about that --- are house --- they may ---
  it our --- --- with --- constable

  At a legall towne meetting the second day of
  march 68 Thomas Low(?) was agreed with to set up 40 rod
  of fence on the ___stars land by the midle of next
  April for which he is to cut --- their f____ chosen
  yarde of his --- -- for the east --- is to --- ---
  --- --- --- to the value of 4 pounds
  the whole which --- is to --- for seting up the ---
  --- be geting the --- bringing it into ---.
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