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  the select men --- the --- --- and d--
  is done yearly by swine.
  Doe ---ser ordar that all swine above halfe a year old ---
  ings for the inhabitants of merrimake shall be s-f--bly year --
  the --- bring two sows one way and twenty males the othar
  way on the penalty of twelve pens per hog for every day -- --
  which is to be done by the first of agust --- ensuing and so
  to be kept yoaked(?) until the --- corn be gathared and ---
  any hogs loos his --- or be found un--d before that time
  the ownars of them shall forthwith --- them : and if
  any shall neglect(?) to doe his duty --- he shall pay twelve pens per
  hog as aforsaid for often as they shall be found --- and
  the ownars of such hogs having had --- of --- bring
  unyoaked(?) the one half to be paid to the informar and the
  othar half to the use of the townn.
2 We doe also apoint sobar(?) --- to s-- to the ---
  of this ordar and to take notice of such animals of hogs as
  shall be found defective --ing to this --- and shall ---
  notice of every such defect to one or more of the select men
  within two days aftar any such person shall be found
  delinquent : to gathatr with the number of hogs that ---
       it was agreed by ye select men of merrimak that --- ---
     69 that this ordar --- --- shall sh--d for this present year.
                         [some inserted words here]
3 It is furthar ordared that if any horse or mare be
  in any --- --- the ownar of such horse or mare shall
  pay one shilling for the first ofens and two shillings for the
  second ofens and for 10 --- one shilling --- --- ---
  to five shillings for --- ofens : and aftar ward five shillings
  a time as often as they are --- as aforesaid approved  -- the --
  about(?) such --- whear they -r-spar be sufficient against ---
  - --- and yoaked(?) swine : and if any such horse or mare of
  --- taken to --- into any f---d be found in the ---
  coman(?) without such shu--- or fettars(?) as may and doth
  strayn them : the ownars of them shall pay five shillings for
  any that shall impound(?) them and so from time to time as
  long as the --- is in the f---d.