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  At a legal town meeting held the twentyth of ___
  in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred sixty ___
  Thomas kimball was legally chosen by the inhabitants of
  merrimak to bee a constable for this present year.
  At the same meeting Sargant John gage Robert hasel
  tine Joseph Pike John Griffing John Day were
  legally chosen to be select men for this present year.
  Joseph Pike was then legally chosen by the inhabitants of
  merrimak to bee clarke of the writs.
4 Samuell Worster beniamin gage beniamin kimball
  David haseltine wear chosen to be oversears for this pre
  sent year.
5 it was also agreed and voted that sargant John gage
  Joseph Pike and John griffing or any two of them
  should lay out all high ways within our bounds nir__
  for the use of the towne.
6 It was voted and granted that henceforth and from
  time to time yet when a town meeting is warned and a
  time set when they shall meet that ___ shall not
  apear att the time apointed shall pay six pence per houre
  for every houre he is defective in not apearing att the said
  meetting and farthar that whosoever shall take liberty to
  speake in a town meeting without leave obtained from
  the modarator shall pay six pens for every such ---.
7 It was agreed and voted that Thomas kimballs hous [&]
  beniamin gages hous shall bee legall plases for the publi[shment]
  of any ordar or othar busines of publik consernment
  whole towne by setting up a writting or writtings at
  said houses untill wee have a more convenient place.
8 If was voated and granted by the inhabitants of [merrimak]
  that the select men chosen for this present year [have]
  full powar to charg us and finish the ministars hous
  to mr. sims D. Easton jr. and to raise the paye by rate
  upon the estats of the said inhabitants for doing ___
  and allso to ordar all othar of the ___ ___
  that may fall within the --- of this present year.
                              as attest Joseph Pike
Note the lack of hypenation on continued lines on lines 5 and 11.
Terri mentioned the use of "ly" after agenda items on some lists. You can see that they aren't on this page. But, I do have that on at least one page.