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I regret that this is under construction at the present. Please check back periodically. Thank you.

     The project of transcribing the earliest town records of Bradford was begun by Linda Smith. She recruited several people to take a few pages and do their best to transcribe them while maintaining the original spellings of our early ancestors. I did the first seven pages. I think they were easier than many of the later pages. Linda asked me about putting the images of the pages, along with the transcriptions, on my website.
     On 27 October, 2001, Linda passed away. She left her husband, Mark, and 7 children ranging in age from 35, a daughter, to high school, another daughter. She had five sons between these two.
     It is my pleasure to continue and complete Linda's wish to have the Bradford town records placed on the web for others to see and read. This work will be a permanent tribute to Linda.

     What you will see here are the photocopies of the the first ten pages of the original Bradford Town Records. I have my best translations below each image (pages 1-7 only, so far). Later on, I will get the rest of the pages and will put the entire translation up as a single document.
     Like the History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton, this is done to give genealogists a better sense of the lives of our ancestors in the earliest colonial days of America.

Page 1 (high res)
Page 1 (med res)
Page 2 (high res)
Page 2 (med res)
Page 3 (high res)
Page 3 (med res)
Page 4 (high res)
Page 4 (med res)
Page 5 (high res)
Page 5 (med res)
Page 6 (high res)
Page 6 (med res)
Page 7 (high res)
Page 7 (med res)
Page 8 (high res)
Page 8 (med res)
Page 9 (high res)
Page 9 (med res)
Page 10 (high res)
Page 10 (med res)